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Web-in-Nine, a series of short, on-demand webinars designed to deliver actionable information in just nine minutes. Each webinar is carefully crafted to provide you with concise, focused information on the latest trends, best practices, and innovative solutions in hospital outpatient therapy and private practices.

In just NINE minutes, learn how to:

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Enhancing Patient-Centered Care with Integrated Outcomes Management - EPIC FHIR

Future of MIPS & QCDR Technology Trends in Outcomes Reporting

Discover the power of FOTO Therapy. Request your demo today!

Identify how innovative technologies and data-driven approaches are revolutionizing the way healthcare providers capture, analyze, and report patient outcomes through MIPS and QCDR technology.

Explore the seamless integration between FOTO, the leading rehab therapy patient outcomes software, and your hospital system. Master how to predict patient outcomes with advanced science and risk adjustment.



Maximizing MIPS Scores with FOTO: Leveraging Patient-Reported Outcomes

Building Bridges: Collaborating Across Disciplines for Better Patient Outcomes

Discover the power of interdisciplinary collaboration in physical therapy practice to improve patient outcomes and foster effective teamwork in this insightful webinar.

Unlock the key to MIPS success with FOTO's PROs, driving quality improvements, patient outcomes, and reimbursement potential in this informative webinar.



Thrive Online: Building a Stellar Reputation with Positive Patient Reviews

Elevating Engagement: Unleash the Potential of Patient Engagement Tools to Drive Growth & Referrals

Strengthen your outpatient department's reputation through encouraging and managing positive patient reviews. Learn how to take control of your online reputation and stand out in the digital landscape.

Revolutionize your therapy practice with FOTO's patient engagement tools, driving growth, outcomes, and referrals with an 8% attendance improvement.

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